Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the data format?
A. Both tick and OHLCV data files are gzipped pipe-delimited text files.
For the tick data the format is:
# Name Sample Meaning
1 Trade ID 148786 Unique trade ID for this particular pair
2 Price 0.02234 Price of base asset in quote currency
3 Volume 12268.7 Number of base assets traded
4 Timestamp 1564979285094 Unix timestamp, in milliseconds
5 Buy Side 0 1 if it was BUY, otherwise - SELL
For the 1-minute OHLCV data the format is:
# Name Sample Meaning
1 Open timestamp 1564976880 Unix timestamp of the bar
2 Open 11522.85 Price in quote asset (USDT here)
3 High 11528.86
4 Low 11514.00
5 Close 11514.00
6 Volume 26.260843 Volume traded, in base asset (BTC)
7 Taker Buy Quote Asset Volume 89577.598002
8 Taker Buy Base Asset Volume 7.773834
9 Quote Asset Volume 302565.699237 Volume traded, in quote asset (USDT)
10 Number of trades 304 Trades occurred
A general advice is to ignore all volumes other than the traded ones.
Q. What is the source of data?
A. The data is from Binance.
Q. How fresh is the data?
A. The data is updated daily.
Q. Once I'll have the access will I need to pay for the updates?
A. No, you can download the freshest version as soon as it appears.
Q. Is it possible to download the data myself?
A. Yes, you can use publicly available Binance API. You will need to code a API client to fetch the data. Please keep in mind it will take quite some time to download the data due to fully understandable API request limits.